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Beautiful Bengal kittens for sale in  NEW ENGLAND  right here at Cavscout Bengals in Massachusetts.

                                                                  Proud member of The International Cat Association

We take  great pride in  Bengal kittens born here at Cavscout Bengals. With a great admiration and love  for the Bengal breed we strive to produce the best qualities with select breeding and great care . 

 We breed to produce that show winning Bengal for our program that will help to  keep the Bengal breed standards true to form  and of course as an added plus we adore raising  family oriented bengal kittens that we do offer for sale to select families like yours .
Our motto with kittens here at Cavscout Bengals is that they are grandchild tested and grandmother approved .Our grandchildren are a big part of our kittens socialization, they love playing with the kittens and cats and  assisting us at  Bengal Cat Shows in New England . Kittens here get lots of interaction and attention  as and our Bengal cats are indeed part of our family life !

All kittens purchased from us will have  seen our veterinarian twice before going home to their new family,  they will be up to date on immunizations, worming, and will be spayed/neutered BEFORE  leaving  at  12 weeks old.  
*All of our Bengal kittens  come with a health guarantee and a contract to be signed by the new family.  
*The pet price for our leopard spotted  kittens is  $1500. to $1800.  (which includes the price of their spay/neuter).  
*We require a $300. non refundable deposit to hold a kitten until it is ready to leave at 12 weeks old.  

Please note although Bengals are primarily pelted cats having less cat dander , they are NOT hypoallergenic . It is your responsibility to know if you or a family member is allergic to cats before seeking Bengal kitten/cat placement from us . Some people  that are allergic to cats may have less reaction to Bengals but it is hard to gauge . Due to unpredictable reactions with cat  allergy responses, and past problems with Bengals having to be returned due to this,   we no longer place kittens in homes that have people with  cat allergies.  Thank you for understanding!

We screen  all potential families  as our wish is for our  kittens to  go into the best of homes for them.  We want both the families and our kittens to be happy with their match. 

*We do ask that when emailing you include your name , town , a  little info about yourself and what has drawn you to the Bengal breed and a PHONE NUMBER please . Only emails with this requested  criteria will be taken seriously and replied to either by email or phone. 
On occasion, we will consider placing a  breeder/show quality kitten to a TICA regestered Bengal cattery for breeder/show pricing .

We are so proud to be a  BENGALS ILLUSTRATED reputable  Bengal Cat Breeder in New England  .

     Sept 10, 2018
     Beautiful Caraloha's litter arrived  on August 30! Scroll to bottom of page to see photos and info.

All  our  breeding age  Bengals  are  DNA  tested  for over  40 different inherited diseases ,as reccomended by  The International Cat Association (TICA).  
They are also DNA tested for color.
Cavscout Caraloha and Tecspot Jerry the Jet arrival on August 30, 2018
 There are two brown spotted females and a snow spotted female.

Baby Arrival !
female # 1
female # 2 on hold 
snow female
​We just started taking deposits on this litter now.  The pet price for our brown spotted kittens is $1500 and the pet price for our snow kitten is $1800.