Kitten Pictures

♡ Updated MAY 15 ,2022

Currently we have 4 seal silver lynx snow Bengal kittens up for adoption (2males 2 females ) .

They will have gorgeous blue eyes even as adults .

The kittens shown available are flashy marble patterned Bengals whose patterns will progress to look very similar to their phenomenal marble sire Mr.Mosaic (shown further down on the page).

Flashy marble pattern kittens , and these are , are born with minimal pattern that continues to open up into gorgeous intricacy as they mature . These kittens are already showing a lot of pattern , we can see the patterns will continue on to open up into amazing features.

Their patterns and color will look much like the beautiful pattern of their sire Mr . Mosaic (Mr. Mosaic is shown near bottom of page).

New update photos of kittens below :

SIRE (shown below) Flashy Silver Seal lynx snow , marble pattern, Mr. Mosiac

SiRE Mr. Mosaic

The mother of Litter below is beautiful Tesla

Mother ~Tesla

I have shown Bengals in New England over 10 years.

Be sure to check my contract/deposit/pricing page for more info before contacting me about the kitten below .

Please , contrary to what is sometimes posted on the internet, Bengals are NOT hypoallergenic .

I am sorry but we do not offer kittens to homes that are allergic to cats , it’s just too sad if you have to give them up for this reason . We also do not allow the ” let’s just sit with the kittens and see if they give us anreaction ” visit , as cat allergies can still occur after you bring your kitten home.It is your responsibility to know if you are allergic to cats before you place a deposit on a kitten .

Kitten visits are not allowed until after kittens have had their shots , so kittens are almost always picked by photos and the non refundable deposits placed before visits take place . This is the norm with most breeders.

We have been showing and raising kittens for years and have excellent references.

Our wish for our kittens is always the purr~fect home for them . Feel free to contact me with any question .Be sure to read my deposit / pricing page before emailing or calling as many questions are also answered there .

Before going home with you my kittens will have two up to date vaccines, a health certificate from my vet, be spay/neutered and come with a health warranty that is detailed in my placement contract.