Kitten Page

The available snow lynx Bengal kittens shown in the photos below belong to my good friend/fellow breeder that lives one town over (we occasionally co breed) . These kitten’s are sired by the son of my former Quadruple Grand Champion.

She is currently screening and accepting deposits . She adheres to the same pricing and criteria screening found on my pricing/deposit page . Snow lynx Bengal kittens are born almost white their patterns continue to develop as they mature Photos and her contact info is below she is now screening for families and accepting deposits to hold your pick. . The kitten’s were born March 8 and will have had wellness vet exam , age appropriate vaccines, a current health certificate and be spay/ neutered before their placement date the end of May.

These snow lynx fancy marble Bengal kittens will have beautiful blue eyes and at maturity and will have a pattern much like their beautiful seal snow lynx sire (father) Mr. Mosaic. Their fancy marble patterns are very unique and has hip spotting within the marbling ! The kittens intricacy of pattern will continue to develop as they mature They will look much like their gorgeous marble sire Mr Mosaic shown below .

To learn more about these kitten’s you can text her at 774 *454*4811 .

Let her know Cavscout Bengals sent you. If by chance you can’t reach her feel free to contact me I’ll refer your info , as I talk to her often.

Also feel free to contact me about my upcoming litters !

My grandchildren always enjoy assisting with pampering our kittens .Below is one of my favorite photos of my granddaughter helping with a kitten from one of my past litters .♡


I allow kittens to be placed with their new family at approximately 12 weeks old.

Before placement kittens will have had two sets of vaccines , health checks and health certificates from my vet . Kittens will also be spay/ neutered before placement . Their health warranty is detailed in my contract .

If kittens are not yet ready for placement a deposit will hold your pick in the litter. Often kittens are spoken for by way of photos , chatting , a few videos and a non refundable deposit placed on your pick , before kittens have reached the meet and greet stage. Once kittens are old enough to be met , visits are welcome by appointment to pick a kitten .

I’m sorry but I do not ship kittens . Pick up is from my home only.

I am a reputable show/hobby breeder.

Please note I am a reputable show/hobby breeder with references . I have been involved with the wonderful Bengal breed in excess of 14 years .I breed to the high standards of TICA (The International Cat Association ) . I health test /screen my breeding cats and work closely with our wonderful veterinarian to help ensure I am producing hardy healthy lineages , and happy healthy kittens.

Professional photo above taken at a cat show , photos below relaxing at home . Our Bengals (and our standard poodle) are very much part of our daily family life ! ♡